Engaged Book Cover
Every company, no matter what the industry or economic environment, can ENGAGE its workforce to deliver a consistently great customer experience. An experience that will in turn ENGAGE customers, leading to increased sales and profits. Every company can do this when it Manages the Experience.

  • Get all employees on stage to deliver a more consistent customer experience.
  • Create an environment of appreciation that empowers employees and helps them to become more motivated and committed to your company’s success.
  • Fill every manager’s toolbox with practical and proven techniques for making your company’s values and desired customer experience a part of the conversation…every day!


Gregg Lederman

Gregg Lederman is an author, speaker, and CEO whose message of “Managing the Experience" is transforming company cultures across the U.S.

Gregg has made it his personal mission to help companies engage their workforce to deliver a branded experience that engages customers and drives sales and profits… Read More

Read what leaders are saying about Engaged!

“Gregg Lederman hits the bull’s-eye in his new book, ENGAGED!. He understands that inspired employees who live your organization’s values have a lot more impact on your brand than fancy logos and slick advertising. If you want motivated people and raving fan customers, read this book!”..." Read More

Ken Blanchard, co-author of Raving Fans and Trust Works!

“Creating loyal employees and customers is a journey. A consistently great experience is required. ENGAGED! is a fantastic read for those looking for a step-by-step pathway to improve their employee and customer experience...” Read More

Colleen Wegman, President, Wegmans Food Markets

“This is an excellent book that shows you how to build a high-performance company by creating and rewarding high-performance people...” Read More

Brian Tracy, New York Times best-selling author of Eat That Frog